Bonnie Entler, Executive Director of Seeds of Literacy
Bonnie Entler, Executive Director


Jo Steigerwald, Development Director


Katie Kucera, Communications Director


Sharon Farrer, Volunteer Coordinator


Bob McFeeley, Community Engagement & Outreach Coordinator


Claudia D'Attellis - Seeds of Literacy staff 2
Claudia D’Attellis, Office Reception (Seeds West)




Sonja Velaj, Office Reception (Seeds West)



Thomas Moore, Seeds of Literacy Seeds East Receptionist
Thomas Moore, Office Reception (Seeds East)




Angel Gadson, Office Reception (Seeds East)





Dr. Carmine Stewart, Program Director



Latasha Crawford, Student Engagement Coordinator 



Billy Hallal, Digital Literacy Coordinator (Seeds West)


Kara Krawiec, Site Coordiantor for Seeds of Literacy's GED prep classes on Cleveland's east side
Kara Krawiec, Site Coordinator (Seeds East)



Chris Richards, Site Coordinator (Seeds West)



Scott Sanborn – Digital Literacy Coordinator, Evening Site Coordinator (East)






Tim Zaun – Evening Site Coordinator (West)