25 Years

Tele-Tutoring vs. Video Tutoring

The moment social-distancing became critical, Seeds had to adapt — and quickly!

In just one week, the staff put together two options that would allow students to maintain the one-to-one connection that is the hallmark of our program.

Let’s take a look at the options and compare them.


  • Short for TELEPHONE Tutoring, tele-tutoring allows students and tutors to connect using only a phone.
  • Tutors dial into a conference call line.
  • Students can then call into the same number and ask the tutor questions from the packets they’ve taken home or accessed in digital format.
  • Tele-Tutoring Schedule Found Here


  • Tutors access Video Tutoring through a computer. Tutors then “share” what’s on their screen so the student can see it.
  • Students access Video Tutoring through a computer, phone, or tablet — any device with access to the internet and video capability.
  • During Video Tutoring, students can see the Tutor and the Tutor’s screen. In some cases, the Tutor can also see the student.
  • Video Tutoring involves a lesson prepared by the Tutor. The schedule of lesson topics will be updated regularly. Video Tutoring Topics & Schedule Found Here
  • Video Tutoring lessons are RECORDED. Once a lesson is complete, it will be stored on our website so it may be accessed later by anyone who needs to review. More lessons will be added soon. Watch Recorded Lessons Here.

“Our students already had breaks in their educations, and some of those breaks lasted decades. We were not going to let that happen again,” said Carmine Stewart, who leads the program staff at Seeds. “We are so grateful and so in awe of our tutors for their unwavering support, as they too adjusted to the rapid changes.”

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