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What Does Literacy Mean to You?

It’s pretty common for people to think of literacy as simply the ability to read, but literacy doesn’t end with printed words on a page. Being able to read is really just the beginning of literacy’s impact, especially for adults in basic education programs like Seeds of Literacy.

At a recent Seeds of Literacy event, we asked supporters to write down what literacy means to them on a paper leaf, and we put their leaf on our Seeds tree.

So what does literacy mean to people?

  • Empowerment
  • Independence
  • Limitless possibilities
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Hope
  • Pride
  • The ability to expand knowledge
  • Success
  • Advancement
  • Work
  • Life, humanity, and individual dignity
  • Liberation
  • Opportunity

These answers aren’t what you’ll see when you look up “literacy” in a book. It may sound like a hokey exercise, but the Seeds of Literacy tree created a full illustration of the many ways literacy touches our lives.

Far beyond being able to read, we see profound ideas emerge about the influence literacy can take in shaping a life. Could you imagine feeling like a fulfilled and happy human being without things like pride, freedom, and hope?

When an adult enrolls in a literacy program, or volunteers to tutor, or gives a monetary gift, they are showing that literacy means more to them than words. Seeds of Literacy is a place for all those people to converge, to climb those branches and reach higher together.

So what does literacy mean to you? Use the hashtag #LiteracyMeans on Twitter and let us know!

Raise your voice for literacy by donating, volunteering, or enrolling with Seeds of Literacy!