25 Years

Volunteers: The Seeds of a Great Nonprofit

Seeds of Literacy couldn’t exist without volunteers.

As Volunteer Coordinator for Seeds of Literacy, you might think I’m a little biased (okay, maybe I am just a little). But that doesn’t change how essential volunteers are to our mission of empowering adults through literacy. From our staff to our students, we all know that the one-to-tutoring and ever-growing reach of our program wouldn’t be possible without our incredible volunteers.

It isn’t just their time that makes volunteers so essential to what our organization does. It’s their character.

I often say that volunteers are the backbone of our organization. I say this because volunteers are Seeds of Literacy’s strength. They are what holds us up, the reason we can do what we do.

But volunteers are also the heart of our organization.

By keeping kindness, caring, and compassion in their every action, volunteers reflect what Seeds is all about. When a volunteer tutor patiently repeats a lesson with a student, or a committee member trudges through the snow for a meeting, that’s testimony to their commitment to literacy, to an empowered Cleveland, to helping people.

A nonprofit organization is no more or less than the people who bring its mission to life. At Seeds, we’re lucky to have so many generous and dedicated individuals to work with in our mission.

Our volunteers have our endless gratitude and, honestly, awe.

There is a literacy crisis in our community, but we’re working hard to change one life at a time through improved literacy — right alongside our students, donors, and remarkable volunteers.

It’s good company to be in.

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