Tutor Tips: Math Formulas for GED Testing

**This tip originally appeared in the December 2022 issue of Tutor News from Dr. Carmine Stewart, VP Programming**

Did you know that students are allowed to use the math formula sheet for one portion of the GED math test? 

This formula sheet provides a list of the formulas that students will need during that portion of the test. There are formulas for algebra, geometry, and the data analysis portions of the test. Tutors can help students better prepare for the test by:

  1. using the formula sheet when working with students to solve math problems,
  2. helping students understand terms (area), and the notations used to represent the terms (i.e. l x w equals length times width).
  3. helping students understand the concepts behind the formulas, and
  4. helping students determine which formula that they need for a given problem. 

You can view the formula sheet here