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Another Student Graduates from Virtual Classroom GED® Program

TAIESHA COLLINS grew up in a rough neighborhood. She did well in high school, but only when she paid attention. “I’d clown and pay more attention to my friends in a class setting,” she admitted. Like so many students, she didn’t finish school because she needed to work to support
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[VIDEO] Channel 5 Shares Our Virtual Classroom Story

Earlier this month, News 5 Reporter Jade Jarvis met with members of the Seeds Family at Seeds East. It was the first opportunity for tutor Ed Round and student Eddie Clark to see the COVID-prevention precautions in the classroom (which is still closed.) It was also a chance for Site
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Donors Help Bridge the Digital Divide

In the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, as schools across the nation were closing their doors and moving to virtual instruction, news stories about the inequities in access to technology in some communities abounded.  Reactions on social media underscored the degree to which those with access to technology take
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The Path to Opening Classrooms: Entering Phase 2

August 25, 2020: In a follow-up to her June announcement, Seeds President & CEO Bonnie Entler recently provided stakeholders with an update to her plans for reopening both the Seeds East (Kinsman & 139th) and Seeds West (W. 25th & Clark) classroom locations. Seeds Family,  Just last week, the Governor
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