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The Path to Opening Classrooms: Entering Phase 2

August 25, 2020: In a follow-up to her June announcement, Seeds President & CEO Bonnie Entler recently provided stakeholders with an update to her plans for reopening both the Seeds East (Kinsman & 139th) and Seeds West (W. 25th & Clark) classroom locations. Seeds Family,  Just last week, the Governor
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The Path to Reopening Our Classroom

In a June email to stakeholders, Seeds President & CEO Bonnie Entler shared a phased vision for reopening both the Seeds East (139th & Kinsman) and Seeds West (W. 25th & Clark) classroom locations. Citing the health and safety of students, tutors, and staff, the organization is taking a slow
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How To Enroll At Seeds During COVID-19

Adult Basic Ed: Free online tutoring for GED®, HiSET® Registration. Orientation. Enrollment. At Seeds, those words essentially mean the same thing – to get you into the FREE tutoring program and on the path to earning your high school equivalency (GED® or HiSET®).  During COVID-19, we’ve had to close our
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Virtual Learning Continues With “Online Table” Tutoring

STUDENT PACKETS PROVIDE PICK-ME-UP FOR STAFF Students and tutors last set foot in Seeds of Literacy classrooms more than 7 weeks ago, not knowing how long it would be before they’d see one another again. That day recently arrived in the form of a carefully orchestrated Packet Pick-Up Day. Although
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Tele-Tutoring vs. Video Tutoring

The moment social-distancing became critical, Seeds had to adapt — and quickly! In just one week, the staff put together two options that would allow students to maintain the one-to-one connection that is the hallmark of our program. Let’s take a look at the options and compare them. TELE-TUTORING: Short
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