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Another Student Graduates from Virtual Classroom GED® Program

TAIESHA COLLINS grew up in a rough neighborhood. She did well in high school, but only when she paid attention. “I’d clown and pay more attention to my friends in a class setting,” she admitted. Like so many students, she didn’t finish school because she needed to work to support
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She Found Her Voice In A Ballroom: Student Success

November 2018:  Valerie Taylor approached the lectern slowly when it was her turn to address the crowd.  She took a deep breath, and spoke — deliberately, with purpose and clarity. For a moment, she paused as emotion took over her. The audience hung on every word, and when she was
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Pilot, Marathon Runner, Philanthropist, Founder… & GED Grad

Your past doesn’t define your future. That was the message shared with students, tutors, and staff at Seeds East by a special guest in January. There are a lot of incredible words to describe Captain Courtney Schoch — pilot, marathon runner, mom, wife, non-profit founder, world traveler, TEFL instructor, philanthropist.
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