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20 Ways You’ll Use Fractions & Decimals In Your Daily Life

Why do I have to learn fractions and decimals? It’s a common refrain in every classroom, among students of all ages. And the adult students working towards an HSE are no exception. Of course, there’s one BIG reason you need to learn fractions (or any other subject on the HSE
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A tutor helps an evening GED student.

5 Best Study Tips for the GED® Test

By Lena Kelly, Seeds of Literacy volunteer If you’re looking into taking the GED® test, congratulations! You’re taking your life into your own hands and are ready to work hard. Passing the GED test is a big achievement and something to be very proud of, but you won’t get there
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Tips for Success from a GED Grad

5 Tips for Success from a GED® Graduate

By Margo Hudson, 2012 Seeds of Literacy GED® graduate and current volunteer tutor     1. Everyone starts somewhere. Tell yourself that everyone took that first step. You can, too. You are never too old. Remember that what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. You’ll
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A Seeds of Literacy classroom in motion

Toxic Friends and the GED® Test

You’ve decided to sign up for GED® classes. You might feel a little nervous about it, but you’re proud to take this first step for your education. What happens when you tell your friends and family? Hopefully they support you. Studying for the GED test can be tough. It can
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5 Tips to Stick to Your Goals

It’s the New Year, and that means lots of people are making resolutions for things they want to change or do better in the coming year. But resolutions can be easy to make, and unfortunately even easier to break. Whether you want to to call it a goal, an intention,
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10 “Star Wars” Tips for Earning Your GED®

  Put down your blaster and hold your calls from Jabba (yes, we’re nerds). We’ve got 10 Star Wars inspired tips to make sure the force is with you on your way to a GED® credential.           1. “Don’t get cocky.”  – Han Solo Many people
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