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Seeds Launches A Book Club for Students & Tutors

Coffee shops filled with coworkers. A church basement with neighbors. Stay-at-home moms gathered in a living room. Book Clubs form for reasons as varied as their meeting locations. The commonality? A love of the written word and a good story. But what if someone struggles with literacy? Would they even
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Challenge Met – 30 Minutes a Day, 30 Days

For the last month, Seeds challenged its students, staff, and tutors to read 30 minutes a day. The goal? Form a new habit and discover that reading is something you enjoy doing. Throughout the month, students were encouraged to take free books from the Seeds shelves, read newspapers and magazines,
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Students Present Poetry for Valentine’s Day [VIDEO]

Following the success of World Read Aloud Day (Feb. 1), students at Seeds East were eager to stay after their tutoring time to recite poetry in honor of Valentine’s Day. “I was thrilled they were willing try something like this again,” said Site Coordinator Kara Krawiec. “Poetry can sometimes be
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5 Ways To Learn to Love Reading

~ And Ace the 30-Minute-A-Day Reading Challenge ~ Have you decided you’re up for the challenge? You may be looking forward to increasing your vocabulary, improving your critical thinking skills, and developing a source of relaxation. But if you aren’t already a regular reader, you may not know where to
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