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Edit Your Writing With This Checklist

~ The Final Stage In the Writing Process: Editing ~ Congratulations! You’ve gone through three stages of the writing process: did some prewriting, wrote a draft, revised it by making major changes to the essay, and now you have a complete essay! Well, almost... Before you start celebrating, remember that
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4 Tips for Revising Your Writing

~ The Third Step In the Writing Process: Revision ~ I started this blog about two weeks ago, writing down all my ideas and just getting words on the page. About a day later, I came back to it and tried to turn my ideas into complete sentences and flowing
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5 Tips for Writing a First Draft

~ Drafting: The Second Step in the Writing Process ~ You’ve had the idea. You’ve gathered your thoughts. You’ve done some great prewriting. What’s the next step in the writing process? Once you have done some prewriting and compiled all your thoughts, the task is simply to write. That might
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What is Prewriting and How Is It Done?

~ The First Stage of the Writing Process ~ Too often we assume that writing happens instantaneously and without much thought; however, the important thing to remember is that writing takes time. (And usually a lot of planning.) Prewriting is the first, and some say the most important, stage of
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The 4 Steps in the Writing Process

~ There Is No Magic Pencil ~ When I was in school, the boy who sat next to me said he believed my pencil was magic. From the moment my pencil hit the paper, the words would flow. Meanwhile, he would stare at the page for what seemed like eternity
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