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[VIDEO] Civic Literacy Encouraged with Series of Voting Videos

Election years pose unique opportunities for educators to provide real-time examples about how governments are structured, election issues, and voter rights. Seeds of Literacy is no exception. To help our adult learners understand the critical importance of voting as a means to influence their world, Site Coordinator Chris Richards prepared
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Pump It Up: 5 Ways to Boost Your Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is necessary to succeed in life, but building it won’t happen unless you make an effort. Here are five (mostly) fun ways to pump up your word choices. (1) READ! Then make a list of new words Educators and writers all seem to agree that reading is
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5 Tips for Writing a First Draft

~ Drafting: The Second Step in the Writing Process ~ You’ve had the idea. You’ve gathered your thoughts. You’ve done some great prewriting. What’s the next step in the writing process? Once you have done some prewriting and compiled all your thoughts, the task is simply to write. That might
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The 4 Steps in the Writing Process

~ There Is No Magic Pencil ~ When I was in school, the boy who sat next to me said he believed my pencil was magic. From the moment my pencil hit the paper, the words would flow. Meanwhile, he would stare at the page for what seemed like eternity
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