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Alumni Check-In: Transformation of Paul Mlady

“If every education program was run the same way as Seeds, there’d be no dropout rate in this country. The one-to-one attention, the obvious caring, these are the things that make a huge difference.”  “Some students need more individual attention, and I was one of them, ” said 2017 GED
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Another Student Graduates from Virtual Classroom GED® Program

TAIESHA COLLINS grew up in a rough neighborhood. She did well in high school, but only when she paid attention. “I’d clown and pay more attention to my friends in a class setting,” she admitted. Like so many students, she didn’t finish school because she needed to work to support
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Success Story: Mother Breaks the Cycle By Achieving HSE

Rosemarie dropped out of school in the 10th grade and her mother’s education ended at 4th. She knew that if she wanted to break the cycle for her children, she had to make a change. “You need to believe in yourself,” she said. “If you don’t, who will?” Rosemarie knows
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