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Tips for Success from a GED Grad

5 Tips for Success from a GED® Graduate

By Margo Hudson, 2012 Seeds of Literacy GED® graduate and current volunteer tutor     1. Everyone starts somewhere. Tell yourself that everyone took that first step. You can, too. You are never too old. Remember that what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. You’ll
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Learning disabilities may affect adult learners.

How Do I Get Accommodations for the GED® Test?

A few months ago, GED Testing Service (the group that owns the GED® test) changed the way a person applies for test accommodations. The process can be a little tricky, so here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about GED test accommodations.   What are test accommodations? Accommodations
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Ohio Gov. Kasich Proposes GED® Test Alternatives

Ohio Governor John Kasich has proposed that the state offer alternatives to the GED® exam for determining high school equivalency. Ohio currently exclusively uses the GED exam to assess high school equivalency skills. If the proposal is passed, the Ohio Department of Education will select two additional tests for people
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A GED student studies at Seeds of Literacy for his test

Putting a Band-Aid on the GED® Test – Policy Matters Ohio

In February, the nonprofit policy research group Policy Matters Ohio released a report on the dismal rates of Ohioans taking and passing the GED® exam since it underwent significant changes in 2014 at the hands of for-profit owner Pearson. Policy Matters Ohio called the situation a “GED collapse.” This week,
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Policy Matters Ohio Reports on “GED® Collapse”

Policy Matters Ohio has released a scathing in-depth report on the “GED® collapse” Ohio has experienced since the GED exam became the property of GED Testing Service, the joint venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson, the world’s largest for-profit education company. According to the report by the
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GED Testing Service lowers the pass rate for the GED test.

GED Testing Service Changes Passing Score

GED Testing Service has changed the passing score for the GED® test from 150 to 145. The current version of the GED exam, which took effect in January 2014, is aligned with Common Core standards and aimed at college and career readiness. However, the lowered passing score comes to better
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Get Real: Expectations for GED® Test Readiness

A common question we get from new students is how long it will take them before they’re ready to take the GED® test. “If I come to class a lot, can I have it in two weeks? A month?” Unfortunately, this unrealistic timeline is often echoed by workplaces or court
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A Seeds of Literacy tutor grades a student's work.

What’s a Standardized Test, Anyway?

It’s nearly impossible to talk about education without the words “standardized tests” coming up, but what exactly is a standardized test and why are they such a big deal?   What is it? A standardized test is a test that can be given under identical conditions and scored consistently over
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10 “Star Wars” Tips for Earning Your GED®

  Put down your blaster and hold your calls from Jabba (yes, we’re nerds). We’ve got 10 Star Wars inspired tips to make sure the force is with you on your way to a GED® credential.           1. “Don’t get cocky.”  – Han Solo Many people
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The for-profit marketing of the GED test hurts adult learners.

The Business of the GED® Test

What comes to mind when you think of Black Friday deals? Star Wars toys? Smartphones? How about the GED® test? Since the GED exam became the property of GED Testing Service, a joint venture between the American Council on Education and for-profit test-maker Pearson, the test has undergone a branding
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