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Five Jobs That Require Typing Skills

By Meredith Cicerchia Most of us use a computer every day, because digital literacy skills matter. And in the workplace, it’s no longer just administrative and clerical workers who require keyboarding skills. For the majority of job seekers, typing is as fundamental as using Microsoft Word or being able to
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What Are Technology Enhanced Questions and What Do They Look Like?

All three high school equivalency (HSE) tests cover Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. But for the GED®, and the computerized versions of the TASC® and HiSET®, there’s another subject that is hidden in plain sight: digital literacy. This hidden subject appears in the form of Technology Enhanced Questions
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Defining Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Jargon Used In Adult Education

~Understanding the Adult Ed Alphabet Soup~ Most people have childhood memories of letter-shaped SpaghettiOs® or alphabet soup, quick, and inexpensive warm meals served by busy parents.  But as adults, the term “alphabet soup” takes on a far less nostalgic meaning. LOL. IDK. IRS. APB. GED. RTA. Technology has changed the
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