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In-Person GED Tutoring to Resume 1/18/2022 at Seeds of Literacy

Boosters Required After careful consideration, Seeds East and Seeds West will reopen TUESDAY, JANUARY 18. However, we want to do so SAFELY and reduce our odds of exposure as much as possible, President & CEO Bonnie Entler announced to stakeholders. Additional precautions for the reopening include: “Booster shots are required to come
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[VIDEO] Q&A About Vaccines in the Adult Education Classroom

When we announced our classrooms would reopen post-pandemic. we didn’t let up on our pandemic precautions. At this time, the physical classrooms are only available to fully-vaccinated students and tutors and masks are still required. We have additional layers of protection in place to keep everyone safe, and healthy. [The
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Facts & Fiction About the COVID Vaccine

~ Have you said or thought any of these things? ~ “I don’t know what’s in it.” “I don’t trust it, it was created too quickly.” “I don’t want it to alter my DNA.” “The vaccine is going to give me COVID.” With so much information and misinformation on TV
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The Path to Reopening Is Winding

Physical Classroom Reopening Unlikely This Fiscal Year JANUARY 13, 2021 – (Cleveland) “The path to reopen is not straight,” President & CEO Bonnie Entler said in her most recent COVID-response update to stakeholders, issued the second week of the new year. “Each of these messages to you is preceded by
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