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Seeds Students, Volunteers “Spread the Love” at Service Day

About 25 Seeds of Literacy students, staff and tutors gathered at Seeds East on Kinsman Road on Friday, Feb. 21 to #SpreadTheLoveForSeeds, a service event with the goal of promoting awareness of Seeds of Literacy and student recruitment.

The volunteers gave up their Friday morning and took to the streets to go door-to-door, speaking with residents and businesses in the area about Seeds, what it is and who it helps.

Seeds staff members prepared bags of promotional materials to hand out to businesses and interested people.

The volunteers broke up into teams of two or three and hit the surrounding neighborhoods, speaking with anyone and everyone about how awesome Seeds of Literacy is!

Our West Side Site Coordinator, Chris, visited Metro PCS to let them know about Seeds, but Tasha, the district manager, was already well aware of Seeds – she is a Seeds of Literacy graduate herself!

Metro PCS District Manager Tasha with Seeds West Site Coordinator Chris. Tasha is a Seeds graduate and success story!

After a couple hours and speaking with a number of businesses and neighbors, the volunteers returned to Seeds East for pizza and other snacks.

We’re going to #SpreadTheLoveForSeeds again, this time at Seeds West, this Friday, March 6 at 12:30 p.m. Please join us!

The #SpreadTheLoveForSeeds volunteers after they ate and warmed up!