“Retirement is Overrated!”

By George Miller, Seeds of Literacy volunteer

In 2008 I sold my company and retired. I found myself thinking, “Now what?!?” I needed a reason to get up in the morning; otherwise, I’d just be lying around waiting to die!

Bill Litzler, a good friend who tutored at Seeds of Literacy, suggested I pay a visit to learn what it’s all about. Within thirty minutes, I was tutoring in math and haven’t stopped since. We all need a purpose in life, and for me, tutoring was the answer.

A few years after I began tutoring, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. This was not part of the plan! I had just attended the funeral of a friend who’d lost a year-long battle with throat cancer, and was not prepared to make a similar exit.

I asked the Almighty for a break and I promised to do something to give back to the world in a major way. The following morning, after biopsy surgery, the cancer that had showed on my CAT scan was gone. I have no explanation and neither do the doctors.

I hadn’t forgotten my promise! I was already on the Seeds Board of Directors, and we were looking for a way to raise a meaningful amount of cash for general operations, something the organization desperately needed. I was inspired to join forces with Bill, the tutor who introduced me to Seeds. Together with our wives we created “A Night to Remember,” our spring/summer annual event. This event has raised over $100,000 in cash, received an unexpected $50,000 foundation contribution and recruited several new tutors.

If you are looking for a way to feel good about yourself, be a tutor at Seeds. We only ask for a minimum of two hours a week. I guarantee that if you give it a try, you’ll receive far more than you give.


George Miller has volunteered as a tutor with Seeds of Literacy since 2010, and retired as Board President on June 30th after three years of service.

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