Response To COVID-19

COVID-19 struck Cleveland in March 2020. It didn’t just disrupt the travel and restaurant industry: It decimated on-site learning for adults and children alike. This is how Seeds responded, and continues to adapt, during the pandemic.

We will continue to make data-driven, science-based decisions and follow the guidance of medical and public health professionals, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health partners. The health and safety of our community is and always will be a top priority. 

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021: Physical classrooms reopen 4 days a week to fully vaccinated and masked students and tutors.


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11/19/2020 Following record-setting COVID cases in Ohio, Seeds returned to Phase 1 of our reopening plan. In-person, scheduled reassessment testing has been discontinued until further notice.

10/15/2020 We’re actively preparing to reopen. We are only waiting on two things: (1) our students to complete their assessments (2) the COVID numbers in Ohio to decline and remain consistently declined.

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