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Ohio Gov. Kasich Proposes GED® Test Alternatives

Ohio Governor John Kasich has proposed that the state offer alternatives to the GED® exam for determining high school equivalency.

Ohio currently exclusively uses the GED exam to assess high school equivalency skills. If the proposal is passed, the Ohio Department of Education will select two additional tests for people who didn’t finish high school to choose from, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The current version of the GED exam, owned by for-profit company Pearson, has received much criticism for its high cost and dismal pass rates. Earlier this year, Policy Matters Ohio released a report stating an 85% drop in Ohioans passing the GED test from before Pearson took control.

The report recommended adding more test options to make high school equivalency, and the opportunities that come with it, more accessible to Ohioans in need.

There are two alternative tests to the GED exam: the HiSet, from the non-profit Educational Testing Service, and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), from for-profit CTB/McGraw Hill. The HiSet and TASC are both less expensive than the GED exam, and, unlike the GED test, are currently available as paper tests.

Since Ohio’s use of the GED exam is written into state law, Kasich’s proposal needs to be passed by the state legislature before any alternative tests can be explored. It is expected that more details on the proposal will emerge in the summer, with a vote on it taking place in the fall.

Gov. Kasich met Seeds of Literacy GED graduate Margo Hudson last month when he presented her with the Courage Award for her perseverance and accomplishments.