25 Years

Math Boot Camp a Success for Students Struggling with Higher Math

Students typically begin their high school equivalency studies with Language Arts and end with Math.

“Math tends to give students the most trouble,” explains Shabreese Murphy, site coordinator for Seeds West. “We have a large number of students who only have their Math test left and they’re becoming frustrated that they aren’t picking up the concepts as quickly.”

In response, an intensive Math Boot Camp was created.

On Saturday, October 14, Seeds West piloted the new program. Five math classes were offered, simultaneously, each hour from 9:15am – 2pm. Topics included:

  • Negative & Positive Numbers
  • Basic Algebra
  • Advanced Equations
  • Basic & Advanced Geometry
  • Graphing & Inequalities

A total of 11 students attended the Boot Camp, including two students from Seeds East. In addition to Murphy, 11 tutors volunteered to instruct.

“The response was overwhelmingly positive,” Murphy said. “Both tutors and students praised Seeds for offering classes specifically designed to improve advanced math skills.”

A second Math Boot Camp will be held this Saturday, October 21 at Seeds West.  Advanced sign-up with a site coordinator is required.

“If interest remains high, I hope to offer more concentrated days like this,” Murphy said.

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