How to Register and Enroll as a Student at Seeds of Literacy


Registration. Orientation. Enrollment.
At Seeds, those words essentially mean the same thing – to get you into the FREE tutoring program and on the path to earning your high school equivalency (GED®, TASC®, or HiSET®). Here’s how it works.

WHERE do I register / enroll?

Registration is done in person at one of our two locations. You should pick the location where you would like to attend class.


WHEN is registration / enrollment / orientation?

We have registration for new students EVERY WEEK (open enrollment.)  It is a 2-day process. You must attend BOTH DAYS.

Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll know what days you’ll need to come to register.

  • Seeds West holds orientation on Mondays and Tuesdays, twice a day.
  • Seeds East holds orientation on Wednesdays and Thursdays, twice a day.

TIME: Decide if you wish to attend the 12:30pm registration or the 4:30pm registration. Please arrive 15 minutes early.


HOW LONG does registration take? 

  • Day 1 (Mondays at Seeds West or Wednesdays at Seeds East) takes about 2.5 hours.
  • Day 2 (Tuesdays at Seeds West or Thursdays at Seeds East) may take up to 3 hours.

Please plan arrive 15 minutes early and plan to be at Seeds for the entire 2.5 – 3 hours.

Although you must come to BOTH DAYS, you can choose between the 12:30pm time slot and the 4:30pm time slot.


WHAT happens at registration / orientation / enrollment?

Day 1
You will meet your student engagement coordinator and learn about how the Seeds program works. You’ll hear all about the high school equivalency test options available and you’ll fill out some paperwork.

Day 2
You will take a basic adult education test. This isn’t the kind of test you can study for and you should not worry about taking it. All this test does is help us determine your skill level, so we know what kind of classwork to give you on your first day of class. The test may take up to 3 hours, but some people finish earlier. For the best results, you should not rush.

After you complete the test, you’ll have a brief conference with the student engagement coordinator who will help you set goals and make a plan to reach them.

Don’t forget, you must attend BOTH DAYS.

Registration is the only time that Seeds operates like a traditional classroom, with a teacher in the front, talking to everyone at the same time. To see what a typical class/tutoring session looks like, click here. 


WHAT should I bring to registration / orientation / enrollment?

You do not need to bring anything with you. You just need to know your current address, phone number, and social security number to put on the registration paperwork.


After I have attended both days of registration / orientation / enrollment, WHEN can I start classes?

You can begin classes right away! Since registration at Seeds West is on Monday and Tuesday, you could come to class the very next day, on Wednesday!

If you register at Seeds East, you can begin classes the following Monday. (We do not offer classes on Fridays. For additional details about class times, click here.)


WHAT IF I already have a high school diploma or equivalency?

You can still come to Seeds of Literacy even if you graduated or have passed the official equivalency tests. Lots of adults want to brush up on skills to improve their performance at work, start a new job, enroll in college, or help their children and grandchildren with their homework.

Registration is the same for everyone, no matter why they sign up.



Contact one of our Student Engagement Coordinators  by calling 216.661.7950

Seeds West: extension 117 or

Seeds East: extension 120 or


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