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Virtual Classroom Tutors

Last Revised 10/06/2020 | Resources for Virtual Tutors during COVID & Beyond

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Virtual Tutor Training is conducted every Monday at 11 am.

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If the classroom is closed, how can I still tutor?

There are two ways you can still tutor — from the comfort of your home — using our Virtual Classroom.

  1. Tele-tutor by phone, using a special conference line provided by Seeds.
  2. Video Tutoring, using a videoconferencing code provided by Seeds, students work independently, but you’re available for questions and explanations. This is most similar to our on-site learning.

Now that Seeds is virtual, does that mean I have to tutor on holidays?

No! All of our tutors, staff, and students need a break from time to time to celebrate with their loved ones. CLICK HERE for a list of holidays when tutoring is not offered. 


How will I know what the student is working on?

When they are in the classroom, students work from packets provided by site coordinators.

Now that students are at home, we’ve digitized most of these packets, and have also mailed hardcopies by request.

Tutors can access curriculum packets here.  (If you have difficulty accessing the curriculum, please contact a staff member to let them know.) 

Something came up and I can't tutor at my scheduled time. What do I do?

Just like for our students, life sometimes gets in the way. We understand if something comes up and you are unavailable to tutor at the time you have scheduled.

HOWEVER, we ask that you try to stick to the days and times you scheduled as much as possible. This consistency is critical to the success of our students who are already reluctant to try these new methods of tutoring. 

If you need to make a change for the FOLLOWING week, please submit your changes by the Thursday prior.

I have been asked to log my volunteer time. How do I do that?

Your volunteer hours are directly related to the funding we receive and so it is VERY important that you log your time each day — even if you didn’t work with a student. 

Please use the button at the top of this page to log your hours.


I want to help...but no students have participated during my sessions. Why?

We know how frustrating it can be to donate your time, want to help, and then have no students call in.

But it’s important to remember — they DO value their education and they have a deep affection for their tutors.

Our students face multiple barriers that prevent them from prioritizing their education — and that’s without the additional stress of COVID-19.

Some have kids at home (now that schools have closed). Many have lost their jobs. Others are working overtime as food service workers are now deemed essential. Ensuring the safety and security of their families is their number one priority.

Please be patient with them and remember: Access to –and comfort with– technology is new for many of them.

We firmly believe their participation will increase as their comfort level grows. Please don’t give up on them.

My session started, no one has called in. How long should I wait before hanging up?

Please remain on the tele-tutoring line for the entire duration of your scheduled session.

See the question above. It is taking students a little time to adjust to a world with social distancing.

We don’t want a student to call in for the first time and be disappointed by not having a tutor on the line. If that happens, the likelihood that the student never calls back increases exponentially.

For those that HAVE participated in tele-tutoring, the response is overwhelmingly positive. They are so grateful to continue working on their education and are downright delighted to talk to the tutors! Word will spread.

It IS working. Just give it time.

Video Tutoring: Is there training provided?

Yes! Contact for a link to one of our video training sessions.

Can students take a GED test now?

If students have a computer, they can take a practice test at home.

However, many testing centers have restricted hours due to the pandemic. Contact if you think a student is ready to take an official test.


Transitioning tutoring to voice only can be difficult for some subjects. We are developing tips to help you tutor by subject over the telephone. Check back as we will add more.


  • Check our Tutoring Resources to find the packet on which the student is working and walk through the examples together. If you have difficulty accessing the curriculum for the first time, contact a staff member. 
  • Have the student write out problems and work through them on paper.
  • If you normally rely on visual aides, ask the student to draw visuals (number lines, graphs, shapes, etc.) as you describe them.
  • Use words that help students visualize the problem, like “above,” “below,” “right side” etc. Explain clearly to students how to set-up and work through problems.