Seeds of Literacy GED students

As a small nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of our volunteers to achieve our goal of improving lives through literacy.

You don’t have to be an educator to become a tutor. We’ll train you! Join the ranks of more than 200 volunteer tutors!

“I think the staff at Seeds know how much they enrich the lives of the students. I can only hope they understand how much they enrich the lives of THE TUTORS.” – Ann

Non-Tutoring Opportunities

Our greatest need is for Tutors, but our volunteers work with us in variety of ways, including direct engagement with our students, committees that support and promote our service, event-related activities, and administrative assistance.

Our most urgent need is for volunteer screeners. These volunteers will make reopening 4 days a week for tutoring possible without pulling staff away from where they are needed the most. Learn more about being a screener and other non-tutor opportunities.

Do you have talents or professional skills you’d like to volunteer? Want to help in ways beyond our listed opportunities?  Please email  or call 216.661.7950 to share your ideas.

“I like to have a place to give back a little bit, a place to feel good about the things I’ve done that day.”Ann