THRIVE! 2022

This year’s Thrive! was special – it’s during our 25th Anniversary Year, and our Cultivator Impact Award recipient has been with us for most of those years! She makes our Silver Anniversary that much sweeter.

Literacy Champion, Tutor, Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, and 2012 Alumna

ABOUT the Cultivator Impact Award Recipient MARGO HUDSON

Literacy Champion, Tutor, Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, and 2012 Alumna

Margo Hudson signs her emails “With delight”, a phrase that perfectly sums up her sunny, hopeful, positive, and energetic personality. She pursued her GED at Seeds of Literacy for eleven years and took her test six times before passing — a true testament to her perseverance.

What is truly incredible is what she has done since earning her GED. In addition to tutoring at Seeds and volunteering with other organizations, she’s become a powerful name in adult education.

Margo has received letters from Ohio Governor Kasich and U.S. President Biden, led the Pledge of Allegiance at a national political convention, testified at the Ohio Statehouse, been named National Adult Learner of the Year, and  taken selfies with everyone from Geraldo Rivera to Cleveland Mayor Bibb. She’s been interviewed by every major news outlet in Cleveland, and has appeared on several broadcasts. She speaks at homeless shelters, food pantries, health fairs, library events, and more.

Her story continues to change lives and inspire others.

It is “With delight” that we recognize this incredible woman and the impact she has made on not only Seeds, but the world around her. We hope you’ll join us, meet Margo, and hear her story.