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Recorded Lessons

These lessons were created and conducted by Seeds of Literacy tutors during live tutoring sessions. Check back, we will add lessons each Friday.

(Updated 07/20/2020)

MATH Lessons

Box and Whisker Plots – Julie Rea

Dot Graphs, Scatter Plots, and Pictographs – Julie Rea

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions – Antara Rath

Graphing Systems of Equations – Michael Ference

Linear Algebra Practice – Ann Scanniello

Linear Algebra Practice Part 2 – Ann Scanniello


Quadratic Equations – Antara Rath

Rewriting Formulas to Solve – Tashyana Copeland

Simple Probability – Antara Rath

Simplifying Expressions – Julie Rea

Subtracting Negative Numbers – Lela Walter

Volume of Irregular Shapes – Tashyana Copeland

Angles in Geometry, Tashyana Copeland

Absolute Value, Julie Rea

Angles in Geometry, Tashyana Copeland

How to Know When to Multiply and Divide


Using Proportions to Solve Word Problems, Julie Rea

Word Problem Practice Parts 1 & 2, Ann Scaniello

Working with Triangles, Michael Ference

Better Ways to Multiply, Ann Scaniello

Graphing Inequalities, Ann Scaniello

Math Formulas Made Simple, Shannon Kearns

Multiplication Made Easy, Lynne Meilleur-Brenner

Power and Roots, Lisa Sharon

Rate of Change, Julie Rea

Simplifying Expressions, Shannon Kearns

Subtracting Fractions (Advanced), Ann Scanniello

Perimeter and Circumference – Anne Scanniello

More Practice with Negative Numbers – Julie Rea

GED Problems with Perimeter & Area – Ann Scanniello

Adding Fractions with Word Problems – Shannon Kearns

Adding Fractions with Different Denominators – Shannon Kearns

Area of Irregular Shapes – Bill Cook

Math Formulas – Surface Area and Volume – Julie Rea

Subtracting Fractions: Part 1 – Ann Scanniello

Reducing Fractions – Sally Wachter

Volume of Spheres, Cones, and Cylinders – Bill Cook

Word Problems with Positive and Negative Numbers – Ann Scanniello

Working with Interest, Elizabeth Falco

The Order of Operations, Sally Wachter

Math Formulas with Julie Rea

Multiplying and Dividing by Positive & Negative Numbers with Ann Scanniello

Calculating Area with Ann Scanniello

Adding & Subtracting Positive & Negative Numbers – with Ann Scanniello

Turning Word Problems Into Simple Equations – with Julie Rea

Percents with Ratios & Proportions – with Shannon Kearns

What Are Variables? – with Julie Rea

Understanding Basic Percents – with Darlene Thurau

Substituting Equations – with john Thornton

Ratios & Proportions – with Bill Cook

Pythagorean Theorem – with John Thornton

Multi-Step Equations – with Ann Scanniello

Multiplying Fractions – with Elizabeth Falco

Graphing Points on a Coordinate – with Julie Rea

Graphing a Line – with Julie Rea

All About Slope – with Julie Rea

Mean, Median & Mode – with Bill Cook

Simple Equations with Ann Scanniello

Math Expressions with Julie Rea

Fun Word Problems Turned Into Equations with Elizabeth Falco

One-Digit Multiplication with Stuart Spivack



Making Generalizations – Trudy Hutchinson

Elements of Fiction: Symbolism – Kathy Dawson

Elements of Fiction: Conflict – Kathy Dawson

Elements of Fiction: Characterization – Kathy Dawson

Comparing Similar Themes and Topics – Trudy Hutchinson

Combining Sentences – Ross Miller

Author’s Purpose – Julie Rea

Analyzing Themes, Kaylyn Hlavaty

Combining Sentences, Ross Miller

Elements of Fiction: The Plot, Kathy Dawson

Homophones, Kathy Dawson

Sentence Structure, Trudy Hutchinson

Adverbs, Ross Miller

Adjectives, Ross Miller

Homonyms, Kathy Dawson

Linking Verbs, Kathy Dawson

Inferences, Julie Rea

Semicolons and Colons, Trudy Hutchinson

Subject Verb Agreement II, Sally Wachter

Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences, Trudy Hutchinson

Adjectives, Ross Miller

Capitalization, Kathy Dawson

Prepositions, Kathy Dawson

Subject Verb Agreement, Kathy Dawson

Fragments and Run-On Sentences, Kathy Dawson

Double Consonants, Kathy Dawson

Conjunctions, Trudy Hutchinson


Commas, Kathy Dawson

The Five Paragraph Essay, Kathy Dawson

Breaking Down Words While Reading – with Kaylyn

Drawing Conclusions – with Sally Wachter

Finding the Main Idea – with Susan Tatom


Punctuation: Part 2 – with Kathy Dawson

Vowel Diagraphs – with Ann Scanniello

Punctuation – with Kathy Dawson

Noun/Pronoun Agreement – with Trudy Hutchinson

Figurative Language with Meredith

How to Write a Paragraph – with Jonathan Khouri

Reading Comprehension with Susan Tatom 

Cause & Effect

Basic Vowel Sounds with Ann Scanniello

Capitalization with Trudy Hutchinson

Subject-Verb Agreement with Jonathan Khouri




The American Revolution – Jonathan Khouri

Ancient Civilizations

Local, State, and Federal Levels of Government – Trudy Hutchinson

World War II, Karen Tucker

Civil Rights Movements – Chris Richards

World War II – Karen Tucker

Types of Government – Trudy Hutchinson

The Civil War – Jonathan Khouri

Identifying Democratic & Authoritarian Governments – Karen Tucker

World War 1 – Ross Miller

Census 2020 – with Karen Tucker

The Three Branches of American Government – with Karen Tucker

The Cold War – with Ross Miller

The Constitution with Trudy Hutchinson

Reading Maps, Charts, and Graphs with Ed Round

Using COVID-19 Maps from the CDC

Three Branches of Government with Karen Tucker


Parts of a Cell – Jennifer Rosenberg

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Work – Antara Rath

The Human Body & Homeostasis – Jennifer Rosenberg

Science Independant and Dependant Variables – Julie Rea

Using Scientific Formulas – Julie Rea

Three Laws of Motion – Julie Rea

Mastering Charts & Graphs for the GED – Julie Rea

Heredity & Punnett Squares – with Julie Rea

Job Coaching (aka Job Club)

Have questions about resumes? Want to know the best way to apply for a job? Can’t figure out the best way to explain a break in employment? Job Club, offered live on Wednesdays at 11am, is an opportunity to speak with recruiting professionals and have those questions (and more) answered! Sessions will be recorded and posted here. Check back for the latest installment!

Applying for a Job

The Application Process


Cover Letters

Getting Your Foot In The Door

How to Handle a Background Check

Asking Questions in a Job Interview

Negotiating Pay and Responding to Offers