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Lessons & Online Study Tools for Current Students


Seeds wants to empower you to practice your digital literacy on your own. Whether you’re at your local library, or on your computer at home, you have access to the very same resources as when you’re working in a Seeds computer lab.

Please note, some of these links will require you to log in. Have your user names and passwords handy. 


Digital Resources

Khan Academy  YouTube video math lectures that cover all levels of GED mathematic

Mathtv  Another resource for videos covering all levels of GED mathematics

Mindplay  An interactive site to improve reading comprehension

E-Reading A resource to practice reading comprehension, including fiction, nonfiction, and specific skills such as inference, main idea, and the author’s purpose

Read Theory A resource that provides reading comprehension practice that includes answers and explanations

English for Everyone  Worksheets and exercises for grammar skills and reading comprehension

Khan Academy Science YouTube video science lectures that cover all levels of the GED science curriculum

Interactive Periodic Table A helpful resource to practice the periodic table of elements

Khan Academy Social Studies  YouTube video social studies lectures that cover all levels of the GED curriculum

Civics Preparation Provides videos and practice on GED civics curriculum

Digital Literacy  Sign in to your account and practice typing skills. Good for all levels of practice.

Essay Text Typing  This site allows you to practice typing your own writing. Great for essay practice.

Typing Tutorial  This beginner’s tutorial provides a step-by-step instruction for typing.

Computer Basics

How To Videos – SHORT videos covering a range of topics from turning your computer on and off to recovering lost passwords and taking practice tests on

Getting Started A step-by-step introduction to using a computer

Mouse Tutorial Learn how to use a computer’s mouse

Mousing Around Practice your mouse skills in this precursor to Mousercise

Mousercise Practice your mouse skills with this interactive game


Types of Computers

Using a PC  An introduction to the operating system for a Windows computer

Using a Mac An introduction to the operating system for a Macintosh (Apple) computer


Microsoft Word

Word Tutorial   An introduction to the basic uses of the word processing program Microsoft Word

  • Basics: begin using Word, creating and opening documents, and saving and sharing documents
  • Text: formatting text, using find-and-replace, indents and tabs, line and paragraph spacing, lists, and hyperlinks
  • Page layout, printing documents, breaks, columns, headers and footers, and page numbers
  • Pictures and text wrapping, formatting pictures, shapes, text boxes, aligning, ordering, and grouping objects, tables, and charts
  • Checking spelling and grammar, track changes and comments, inspecting and protecting documents
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge of Microsoft Word

Other Microsoft Office Programs

Excel Overview Lessons on how to use the spreadsheet program Excel

PowerPoint Lessons on how to use the presentation software PowerPoint

Search Basics — learn how search engines work and how to use them

Refining Web Searches — learn how to make the most of your searches

Navigating a Website

Intro to Email 

Intro to Email 2

Basic Search Engines

Being Safe Online

Skype, Facebook, and Social Media

Mobile Devices

Online Shopping

Digital Literacy Assessments

Fluency Practice


Readworks – please see your Digital Literacy Coordinator for your personal registration.

Recorded Lessons by Seeds Tutors

During the COVID-19 closure, Seeds tutors created and presented live lessons by videoconference. These lessons were recorded.

Check out more than 100 videos on all of the GED topics, computer basics, and job coaching.