In-Person GED Tutoring to Resume 1/18/2022 at Seeds of Literacy

Boosters Required After careful consideration, Seeds East and Seeds West will reopen TUESDAY, JANUARY 18. However, we want to do so SAFELY and reduce our odds of exposure as much as possible, President & CEO Bonnie Entler announced to stakeholders. Additional precautions for the reopening include: “Booster shots are required to come
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Tutor Tips from Dr. Carmine Stewart

Tutor Tips: Vocabulary…for Math

The following Tutor Tip from Dr. Carmine Stewart appeared in the January 2022 issue of Tutor News for Seeds of Literacy volunteers. When most people hear the word “vocabulary” they think about language arts (reading and writing), science, or social studies. But mathematics has a vocabulary all its own. It
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[VIDEO] What was Prohibition?

Many people use alcohol to help themselves relax.  But for many others, alcohol damages large parts of their lives.  A pleasant distraction for some is a devastating addiction for others.  This split is what led many people to try banning alcohol entirely, a movement known as Prohibition. Indeed, for a
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[VIDEO] The Wright Brothers

The next time you’re planning a vacation, you might decide to fly to your destination.  These days, most of us take air travel for granted.  But it wasn’t all that long ago that if you needed to get somewhere, your only options were train, horse, or ship. For many people,
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SUCCESS! Texas Mom Passes GED®, Thanks Seeds

Notes like this make it all worthwhile. When asked if we could share her story, new grad Azalia Reyes said “OF COURSE. Real people, real life journeys, all different walks of life, if I can do it they can too!” We’re going to miss the 33-year-old Texas mom in our
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[VIDEO] Cleveland’s Bridge War

For most Clevelanders, crossing the Cuyahoga River is something that we do all the time.  But not-that-long-ago, crossing the River was a major undertaking.  In fact, control over where people crossed the river was so important that, back in 1836, more than two thousand people took to the streets to
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