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[VIDEO] Q&A About Vaccines in the Adult Education Classroom

When we announced our classrooms would reopen post-pandemic. we didn’t let up on our pandemic precautions. At this time, the physical classrooms are only available to fully-vaccinated students and tutors and masks are still required. We have additional layers of protection in place to keep everyone safe, and healthy.

[The Virtual Classroom remains an option for those who are unable or unwilling to provide vaccination status.]

Receptionist Kathy Ortega and VP of Programming Dr. Carmine Stewart sat down for a Q&A about the questions our adult learners are asking the most.

**Please note, none of the staff members at Seeds of Literacy are medical professionals. We encourage all of our stakeholders to discuss what they learn from the following video with a trusted doctor**

  • Why is Seeds of literacy asking students to be vaccinated?
  • If vaccinated, why does Seeds require a mask in the classroom?
  • Was the vaccine developed too fast to still be safe?
  • Does Carmine think it’s safe?
  • Did Carmine experience side effects?
  • What is the Delta variant?
  • What are breakthrough cases?