SUCCESS! Texas Mom Passes GED®, Thanks Seeds

UPDATE 6/14/2022: Azalia wrote to us again:

“Because of Seeds of Literacy and the GED program I have secured an awesome position working for TEXAS A&M University in the Department of Residence Life working as an Administrative Coordinator making 2 times more than what I was!   BLESS!!!!!! Looking forward to starting Blinn College next year to start my teaching degree.”

Notes like this make it all worthwhile. When asked if we could share her story, new grad Azalia Reyes said “OF COURSE. Real people, real life journeys, all different walks of life, if I can do it they can too!

We’re going to miss the 33-year-old Texas mom in our Virtual Class, but we’re all so proud to be part of her journey.


“I started with your program back in August. I was nervous but oh so hopeful because I had been through MANY education programs before. My heart told me this time would be different.

I was ready and receptive to all that this program had to offer. I learned about it through FB just scrolling one day and THANK GOD I did. I was a little skeptical, however, because I’m in Texas and well Ohio is a long way away but at that time I just knew I had to do something.

From day one I was WELCOMED with OPEN arms. I went to both classes that day AM and PM and was in AWE of the tutors and site directors willingness to help, and encouragement. I was HOOKED. I went consecutively for a month or so… then of course I fell behind since  I am a mama of 3 and a wife with a FULL-time job and then some. That didn’t matter to DAVID (Alvarez) and TODD (Seabrook)… lol they were right there in my INBOX waiting for me and giving me calls to come back!

Todd even offered up David to come and watch my children or pick up a work shift (IN TEXAS!) so I could make it to class –haha–even though David had NO idea what he was volunteering for.

After a couple of weeks, I felt so lost again and just really gave up, until one day Todd sent me yet ANOTHER message and said, “Look I’LL BUY if you fly, let’s get it done.”

[STAFF NOTE: Each section of the GED costs a minimum of $10, sometimes more if a voucher is unavailable. Many times, the ONLY THING standing in the way of a student’s success is ten dollars. Remove the barrier for a student like Azalia.]

So I told him okay, let’s do it…..not thinking he would schedule it for TODAY THURSDAY, and knowing good and dang well I would NOT be able to back out… I felt like I wanted to THROW up, but I knew SEEDS had prepared me for this day…..

I took it at 9 am on Thursday 18th of November and don’t you know…..I PASSED WITH A 153….

I have waited for 15 years to finally say that I am a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. I have waited 14 years to tell my kids I finally did it.

I have waited my entire life for this day, for this feeling, for this excitement and to say I DID IT.

It’s because of your program, that I can finally say this.

I just wanted the world to know how grateful I am and how you are changing this world ONE STUDENT AT A TIME.

There are really no words to express my gratitude, so I think I’ll leave you with this…….

Today I am a new person, today I see the world in a new light, today I feel like the world is with me, and today my kids will know what it is to achieve their dreams and LIVE THEM OUT.

Love always, Azalia

To Todd and David, the Seeds Site Coordinators in the Virtual Classroom, she wrote:

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…….. I cannot say that enough for the push that i needed to just DO IT. 
I have been out of school since 2005. 2005!…….. never AIN my wildest dreams did I even think this was possible. 
I’m crying……. There are serious tears…….. 
I love you guys and this program has been life changing……… I pray that one day I can return the favor…….. 
Bless your souls……. “