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Make Math YOUR World with Math Planet (Intern)

This is the next blog in a series of online learning app reviews by our summer intern, Michael Coles from Baldwin Wallace University.

When it comes to Math, building on existing skills and practice makes perfect. Just like when learning to speak: first start with little words and then whole sentences, then WHOLE CONVERSATIONS! In fact, math IS a language — universally recognized. 

Just like language, Math starts small — with counting, simple numbers. Then adding those numbers, subtracting, negatives, and fractions —  before you know it, you are graphing linear equations!

If you’re a learner who likes a good mix of text and video, is for you! You read about a subject, and then watch a video about it. 

This website will help you master the beginning math subjects such as:

  • Pre- Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra II.
  • Geometry

There are 5 Easy Steps to help you use this fun website filled with great math instruction!

Step 1) Log on to 

When you first visit the site, you will see this landing page. The taskbar on the right shows you different subjects to study. We want you to be ready for the HSE, so let’s use linear equations with Algebra 2 as an example.

Step 2) Pick your Sub-Category

A bright orange box will appear  and you have the option of studying multiple categories that help you become familiar with Algebra. Options range from equations to sequences. Linear equations make an appearance on most high school equivalency (HSE) tests, so let’s select “How to Graph Functions and Linear Equations.”

Step 3) Pick Your Order of Learning

After you select, you will see different category steps to graphing. The first step to this process is evaluating linear equations, so let’s select “Functions and Linear Equations.” You are on your way to graphing and bettering your math skills! Now that’s something to get excited about! 

Step 4) Let’s Read About Math

Reading about Math is fun and Math Planet has easy to follow text. After selecting “Functions and Linear Equations” you will see text that will introduce and explain your topic leading to a video lesson.

Step 5) Watch, Watch, Watch

At the end of your text you will be introduced to a great video that will help you master your subject. Math Planet helps you gain the tools to be confident with  your math problems. Oh and don’t forget,  IT’S FREE!!!

# # # Michael Coles, Summer 2020 Intern


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