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5 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Great For You! (Intern)

Seeds has summer interns! This blog is the debut of Baldwin Wallace University student Michael Coles, and is the first in a series about online learning.

Due to COVID-19, the world has dramatically changed the way we learn.  Changed –but not STOPPED. This is especially true when we’re strongly motivated to better ourselves and our community by pursuing an awesome education!

When the stay-at-home order went into effect, our classrooms closed. To continue serving students, Seeds transition to online teaching and learning. Online learning means our  students and tutors can still interact with one another, while maintaining social distancing. Online learning allows for individual interaction through fingertips and voice –simply by logging on to video and telephone lessons.  

Many of our students crave the interaction of a classroom. But despite physical distance, ONLINE LEARNING IS FUN!!!! 

Working online actually provides many benefits: 

  1. Choose Your Tech– Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, all you need is a device with internet access to work online. 
  2. Choose Your Speed –  Seeds is ALWAYS at your own pace — in the classroom, or online! Nobody wants to be on a strict time constraint! Having the option to log in, learn, and log out gives the freedom to give yourself short small realistic goals until your whole goal is accomplished (PASSING YOUR HSE OF COURSE!)
  3. Choose Your Location – Remote learning means no more plastic chairs! You have the opportunity to create your own space for learning – a big old desk, the kitchen table, your sofa, or a favorite recliner, all work just fine! You can read to your pet or munch your favorite snack to keep you motivated. (NOTHING SAYS A JOB WELL DONE BETTER THAN A GOOD TREAT) 
  4. Build New Interpersonal Skills- Strengthen your listening by watching for nonverbal cues during video tutoring, and use communication problem-solving. (If the tutor can’t see your packet, you’ll need to communicate what you are working on very clearly.)  
  5. Show your Dedication– Online learning is much different from the classroom. There can be many distractions…kids chattering, pets begging for walks, and tv to binge. That makes remote learning even more impressive —  it’s proof that you value your education and your future, despite the distractions.

If you want to pass the HiSET, GED or TASC exam, Seeds of Literacy is here for you!!!!!

Check out these great websites when you want to practice from home or on the go.


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# # # Michael Coles, 2020 Intern