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5 Steps to Using YouTube for Learning (Intern)

When you need to look something up (or you ask Siri or Alexa for help), where does the information come from? Where do you look? What search engine are you using? You may think of Google, Yahoo, Bing but there’s another that you probably didn’t think to check!

What about Youtube?!!!!

Yes, Youtube!

The one site that most of us go to for  funny videos or music videos has become the second largest search engine. The only one bigger is Google. 

Need to learn how to change your car oil? Need practice with adverbs for your HSE prep? Want to know how to bake a cake? Youtube has you covered! Many people don’t realize it, but there are simple instruction videos — made by experts — all over YouTube that can teach you how to do just about anything. 

Using this search engine to learn iis so fun and easy that watching hours of YouTube can be just as addictive as it is educational. 

You can use this search engine in just 5 easy steps! 

Step 1) Visit

Go to any browser you like, (We like Google Chrome here at Seeds) and type in 

Step 2) Search 

Use the search bar to type any subject that you want to learn about. For example, I always want to practice improper fractions so I can type in “Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers.” But the possibilities are endless! Once you’re done typing, click the search icon located on the right of the search bar. You are ready to start learning!

Step 3) Watch Video

Once you found a video that sparks your interest, go ahead and watch! Some videos are long, some are short. (And if we’re being honest, some are better than others!) but as far as skills you can learn? ENDLESS. Also, cool fact, you can change the playback speed. If you need to slow something down, you can watch it in slow motion. Need to see it really quickly? Speed it up! Go to settings on the video, click playback speed and choose the option to slow or speed up the video time.

Step 4) Practice

When learning a new piece of information, it helps to have a pen and paper handy for taking notes. After watching the video, try practicing the new stuff you learned to help you to master the skill. Some studies suggest that the very act of writing something down helps your brain remember it!

Step 5) Comment Comment Comment

90% of Youtube videos allow a comment section for viewers. Tutors and educators love getting feedback and also seeing how much you loved their learning tips. So make a comment and continue the spread of learning!


Did you know, Seeds of Literacy has a YouTube channel? We recorded all the video lessons our tutors created during our classroom closure. You can watch entire playlists by subject.


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