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Putting a Band-Aid on the GED® Test – Policy Matters Ohio

In February, the nonprofit policy research group Policy Matters Ohio released a report on the dismal rates of Ohioans taking and passing the GED® exam since it underwent significant changes in 2014 at the hands of for-profit owner Pearson. Policy Matters Ohio called the situation a “GED collapse.”

This week, Policy Matters Ohio followed up on their report with the blog piece, “Band-Aid Solutions to State GED Failure,” on the attempts made by Pearson and the state of Ohio to ease some of the burdens now faced by GED hopefuls. This includes a voucher system to lower the cost of the exam, which Policy Matters Ohio reports has been grossly underused.

The piece uses Seeds of Literacy graduate and volunteer tutor Margo Hudson as an example of how the previous version of the GED exam — which cost less, wasn’t solely computer-based, and tested core competencies instead of post-secondary skills — enabled adults to progress in employment and in life.

“Ohio needs many more people like her,” Policy Matters Ohio writes, “but given the collapse of Ohio’s GED system, you have to wonder how many potential Margos are being left-behind.”
Policy Matters Ohio reports on the Ohio's broken GED situation