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Adult Education: LeBron James Gets It

The Akron, Ohio-based LeBron James Family Foundation announced last week that it would offer incentives to parents of children in its “I PROMISE” program to earn their GED®.

Called “I PROMISE, Too,” the program echos the commitment to education that their children have made through the Foundation.  It will provide GED classes through a partnership with a local Akron adult education program and cover the $120 cost of the GED exam, as well as give the parents a tablet computer to use that they can keep once they pass their GED test.

These are no doubt nice incentives that can make the road to earning a GED smoother. But what’s particularly noteworthy about this program is that the Foundation didn’t start this GED component as a separate initiative, but as an off-shoot of their program for children’s academic success.

This sends the message that adult education and childhood education do not run on separate tracks but are instead part of the same structure.

“We can’t reach our students without their parents’ support,” said LeBron James Family Foundation Executive Director Michele Campbell in a press statement, reflecting that education initiatives for children can only achieve so much unless there is support at home.

This support needs to start with an adult who exemplifies the value of education and can engage in learning with their children — an crucial aspect too often overlooked when we focus solely childhood education as a self-contained experience.

It’s wonderful to see a prominent foundation recognize that adult education and the academic success of children aren’t isolated from one another.

They both need to be in place if we want successful families.


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Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images