Thrive 2022 25 Years

25th Anniversary

OUR 25th FISCAL YEAR RUNS July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

The pandemic prompted many adult literacy organizations to close permanently, but Seeds continued to thrive. We’ve grown and have expanded our reach. Currently (as of 6/30/22)

Cornerstones of our success continue to be flexibility and accessibility for our students and volunteers. Each student has unique learning needs, schedules, and responsibilities beyond their studies. Our program accommodates those needs by offering:


Seeds has truly grown from our humble beginning as an offshoot of the Sisters of St. Joseph ministry (where we provided services in various church basements) to being an independent nonprofit with two locations in Cleveland and a virtual presence worldwide.

The path to where we are was winding, with successes and challenges along the way.

Logo History in 50 Seconds

Flashback to 1997, The Year It Began

The air smelled like Drakar Noir and CK1 in the lines outside the movie theaters. Leo DiCaprio drowned because Kate Winslet would not share her floating door after the Titanic sank, and dinosaurs continued to wreck havoc in The Lost World. Scully and Mulder were teaching us about the X Files and Jennifer Anniston’s hair was becoming iconic. Simone Biles was born, Princess Diana died, and Tiger Woods became the youngest player to win the Masters.

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Over 25 years Seeds of Literacy has helped thousands of adults improve their basic skill levels. We’re not done: the need remains critical and we will continue to work tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty though the transformative power of literacy.

Make YOUR impact with a $250 donation.

Just $250 will pay for 20 new students to register with our award-winning adult basic education program and receive completely free one-to-one tutoring, practice tests, and materials!

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25th Anniversary CHALLENGE GRANT: $50,000 At Stake

An anonymous, generous, longtime supporter has made a pledge to contribute $25,000 towards a fundraising challenge campaign.  They will match, dollar for dollar, all new and increased contributions between now and the end of our anniversary year (June 30, 2023). This potential $50,000 will support Seeds of Literacy’s general operating funds.

Your increased donation is worth DOUBLE!


Seeds of Literacy is dedicated to another 25 years of providing free, personalized basic education instruction to adults. Our future is one where every adult has the sustaining literacy skills they need to live their best lives, support their children’s education, and break the cycle of poverty and low-literacy.

Join us in creating 25 more years of brighter tomorrows!