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20th Anniversary



Our Impact

Over 20 years, Seeds of Literacy has helped thousands of adults improve their basic skill levels.

But we’re not done: with the need still drastic, we will continue to work tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty though the transformative power of literacy.

Our 20 Year Infographic details our impact, and how volunteers and donors contribute to our students’ success — positive changes that benefit the community we all share.


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Just $20 will pay for 2 new students to register with our award-winning adult basic education program and receive completely free one-to-one tutoring!

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Our History

Seeds of Literacy has grown since 1997 to serve ever more adult students. Our 20 Year Timeline tracks the meaningful changes and accomplishments of Seeds of Literacy and our students, tutors, and staff.

Seeds of Literacy’s continued growth reaps countless benefits for our tenacious students. With…

our accessibility and flexibility have been a central value in our approach to education and a cornerstone of our success.




Our Future

Seeds of Literacy is dedicated to another 20 years of providing free, personalized basic education to adults.

Our future is one where every adult has the sustaining literacy skills they need to live their best lives, support their children’s education, and break the cycle of poverty and low-literacy.

Join us in creating 20 more years of brighter tomorrows!

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Your Story

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Jonathan Khouri GED tutor at Seeds of Literacy