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2015: A Story in Numbers

In the chilly last days of December, we all tend to reflect on the year that’s passed. There’s an urge to quantify the year, to organize it into lists, in order to make the time seem more tangible.

When we look back on Seeds of Literacy’s year, a lot of numbers come to the forefront of 2015.

Numbers like…

  • 793 courageous, new students who enrolled with Seeds of Literacy in 2015
  • 11,292 hours generously donated by volunteer tutors to give our students personal support and encouragement
  • 67 GED® test sections passed by our students
  • over 710 hours given by volunteers on committees, projects, and administrative help

These are wonderful figures that make us feel grateful to everyone — students, volunteers, donors, and staff — who take part in our mission to empower adults through education.

Yet, there’s more to a year at Seeds than what can be pulled from a database.

There are other numbers that tell a deeper story; figures that don’t typically surface in year-end number-crunching, but that mean just as much to us.

Numbers like 9 and 11, which are the ages of student Yoko’s two children. They are her inspiration to earn her GED credential, and they spend time learning together as a family.

“I want to show my kids that they can do anything,” she says.

Or 68, which is the number of miles volunteer tutor Tracy drives round-trip to come to Seeds of Literacy and help people one-to-one. Why? Because, she says, “the dedication of Seeds students is remarkable.” 68 miles reflects her own dedication.

There’s also 462 — how many class hours Seeds grad Kasey diligently put in before passing his final GED test section in November. Kasey worked hard and earned his achievement, and, as he’ll tell you, now his future is just getting started.

We’re excited for Kasey and for all the changes a year can bring.

Here’s to 2016.

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